Find the right law firm for you


Finding a good law firm or solicitor is important when considering legal action. Self-representation may be possible in small, simple matters, but it is advisable to seek good legal advice in more complex cases or those involving larger sums of money.

The personal factor

Looking for advertisements is an option, although this may not necessarily find a competent, experienced and professional lawyer. Referrals from colleagues or friends who may have experienced similar situations can help; personalities should be borne in mind too, as different ways of working and personal style can affect the working relationship with your advocate. Try to meet the lawyer first, to see if he or she will be easy to work with. Accessibility and prompt response to communications are almost essential.

Specialist help

If the case is more complex, it may be necessary to consider using a specialist firm of solicitors, as opposed to a general law practitioner. Larger firms employ a number of lawyers, each of whom may specialise in one or two specific areas. Using a specialist when necessary means that one receives a more accurate assessment of the case and its possible chances of success, as well as greater expertise. Naturally, it is best to enquire about cost, before making a commitment.

Other factors to consider are the office location for personal visits, whether they are accredited by the Law Society and whether they participate in the Legal Aid scheme (if available for the case in question). For some clients, it may also be appropriate to ask about languages spoken other than English and/or office accessibility for wheelchair users.

GTG Advocates offers experience and knowledge in a wide range of law areas, including commercial and corporate law, financial services, intellectual property and modern emerging industries. The firm is dedicated to providing confidential, tailored and effective advice and solutions to corporate and individual clients throughout Europe and further afield.

Find the right casino for you

queen of hearts

The gambling industry within the UK has never been more popular. As more and more casinos open, both online and in cities throughout the country, it is important to discover which is the right type for you.

The single most important question to ask yourself before choosing your casino is where you would like to do your gambling. The constant growth of the internet marketplace has seen a plethora of online gaming platforms to sit alongside the well-established ‘bricks and mortar’ casinos. Below, we list the benefits (or otherwise) of both types of casino.


Nowadays, it seems like almost everything is done online – and gambling is no different. Favoured by many due to the sheer lack of effort required (you don’t even have to get out of bed to place your bet), many online casinos also offer an introductory bonus – from matched deposits to free bets.
With simple deposits and withdrawals, fully-secure websites and the aforementioned bonuses, online casinos have grown exponentially in the last number of years, with more growth anticipated – so expect yet more enticing introductory offers!


Despite the many benefits of online gambling, many aficionados still prefer the social aspect of the physical casino. With the ability to have food or drink, interact with friends and meet new people, traditional casinos have some clear benefits over their digital counterparts.

Gone are the days, too, of dilapidated buildings and foul stenches. Modern casinos are often state-of-the-art, glamorous affairs which attract respectable clientele. A full list of British casinos can be found here.